Installation „Object no. 2011“

Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011 on Freedom Square
From 27 February to 20 March 2011

Opening 360° video mapping
by Taavi Varm and George Bigiakis
sound by Hendrik Kaljujärv

Installation „Object no. 2011“ on Freedom Square

A paintbrush does not paint, a camera does not record, a stage does not direct, a violin or an electric guitar does not play by itself. People, personalities are essential for creating art. And there are many of such people. The best way to perceive it is to gather them together. For a long time, we have been searching for a way to unite the entire Estonian cultural world into one piece of art, as utopian as that thought may be. On 27 February, in the year when Tallinn is the European Capital of Culture, this search will come to an end.

From 27 February to 20 March, „Object no. 2011“ will shine in the centre of Freedom Square. It is a kind of a room that features a real summer as a contrast to the winter that is outside. Within a three-week period, up to 400 creative Estonian people will take turns to spend one hour in this summer. Starting from the opening moment, the installation can be observed on Freedom Square and also on the Internet and Elion DigiTV special channel as a live broadcast.

A video clip introducing „Object no. 2011“:
„Object no. 2011“ web site and a list of participating

“Object no. 2011” is organized and run by NPO Siseilm and Allianss Architects. Members of those organizations include Mart Koldits, Kaarel Oja, Iir Hermeliin, Indrek Tiigi, Kadri Tamre, Kadri Tikerpuu and Sirli Bergström.

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